Mathis & Co. is a company based in Roccella Ionica, in Reggio Calabria. The owner, Ugo Misuraca, creates jewels with his own hands, using both gold and silver alloys and precious stones.
We asked Ugo a few questions in order to understand his experience with Silnova silver.

Ugo tells us that he had got in contact with Legor before in his quest for more and more advanced alloys able to solve the problems that every maker experiences in his job, but it was with Silnova that the spark was ignited.

"Silnova is an alloy that solves problems", he says.

Even during casting you can see the difference with other silver alloys: Silnova is fluid. The pieces coming out of the cylinders are perfect.
Moreover: Silnova acquires an incredible hardness, excellent when you want to create objects with a low level of thickness.

And what about the color?

“The color is white, it brings out the light” says Ugo.

What else? The fact that to create Silnova no chemical additives are needed is a successful choice. Not only for the importance that nowadays has the respect for the environment, but also for the safety of the people that work in the plating baths.
Ugo tells us that the superior quality of Silnova is even more evident when it’s compared with other silver alloys.
We asked him if he would advise Silnova to his colleagues and he says that he’s already doing it.

“I promote Silnova because it’s a beautiful alloy”.

But is it gold, or silver in this case, all that glitters?
Is Silnova really perfect?
Silnova is beautiful, eco-friendly, resistant and… a bit expensive. Like all beautiful things, even this one has a price. We asked Ugo his opinion about it and he agrees, yes, Silnova is more expensive than traditional silver, but all in all it’s money-saving in terms of plating and the quality is unmatched.

Mathis & Co. silver jewels are almost entirely made with Silnova silver.

This alloy is perfect for whomever loves exploring new metals, for who’s in constant search for the best and isn’t satisfied with what’s already known, seen, experimented, it’s an alloy for who wants to go beyond. And here in Silnova we want to go with you.

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