Klepto Gioielli was founded in 1991 thanks to Massimo Casadei and his wife Alice. The shop is situated in the beautiful city center of the historic Republic of San Marino.

Klepto Gioielli is a family based company, their world is the reality of small artisans, used to working with their own hands to give life to artisanal production of unique pieces. Their main feature is a passion for the product of particular jewelry made of gold and silver, entirely handmade.

We talked to Michele Casadei who shared with us his experience with Silnova.

Michele had already had contacts with Legor Group for the purchase of plating products, and it was browsing on Legor website that he ran into Silnova description. The features of this alloy attracted him and so he decided to start experimenting with this new material.

Due to the peculiarity of Klepto jewelry design, the company needs to work with deformable alloys. For this purpose they used to work with pure silver.

“Silnova on the technical level has really satisfied us because it’s soft but resistant at the same time”.

 Moreover, Klepto jewels are often lasered, which was very difficult with pure silver.

“Silnova silver is easily lasered” says Michele. “It allows you to do things that with other materials are way harder”.

Michele informs us that at the moment, as far as silver is concerned, they only use Silnova.

Silnova is not the perfect alloy for any application. In some contexts, it’s probably more effective the use of a different material. What we can extract from Massimo Casadei talk with us, confirmed by other clients and expert users of Silnova interviewed by us, is that it’s a precious alloy designed for precious, high level materials.

Silnova price makes the alloy suitable for a certain kind of items, particularly for small productions that require a certain attention and a precise and delicate treatment.

What about the other features of Silnova?

Oxidation is much more delayed, confirms Michele. And “its brightness and material compactness are evident”.

“Pure silver is very bright, but Silnova has an incredible white color”.

The clients that come into the shop and feel with their own hands the jewels made with Silnova say “it looks like white gold”.

Silnova beauty is not only about the looks, its brilliancy and strength inspire us who have created it and try to make it better day by day. And we hope it might inspire you who work with it and wear it.

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